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          In the production of re-silicone rubber products
          發表時間: 2018-12-05     瀏覽次數: 2112次

          In the production of re-silicone rubber products, according to the difference of process and equipment, it can be divided into two main categories: moulding and injection moulding. Molding method: the process of directly loading rubber or pre-formed semi-finished products into the die cavity, then pressing on the machine and heating vulcanization at the same time, so as to obtain the parts of the product. Its production process is as follows: rubber - shear weighing or other pre-forming - filling die cavity - pressurization, vulcanization - starting pick-up - repairing flash - finished product quality inspection. The method of moulding is widely used because the moulding die structure and the equipment used are relatively simple and versatile.

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