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          Silica Gel for Resin Handicraft Mould

          Product Classification: Leather embossed silica gel

          Brand: Cotai Silica Gel

          Features: High transparency, strong adhesion, good softness, strong firmness, high temperature washing water does not fall off

          Usage: Used for simple products such as shoe mould, casting sand turning, sole sampling and filling silica gel mould.

          Miscellaneous pattern products, size stability, non-deformable product model production.



          Product uses:

          The shoe mould silica gel is mainly used for shoe mould, casting sand turning, sole sampling, filling simple products of silica gel mould, non-complex pattern products, size stability, non-deformable product model production.

          Product characteristics:

          It has excellent fluidity, good operability, no distortion, high temperature, acid and alkali resistance, no expansion, good tension, good tear strength, many times of mould turning, and can be used repeatedly. It is suitable for medium and small parts with simple pattern, and easy to demould. The shrinkage rate can reach two thousandths.

          Silica gel parameters of shoe mould:

          Usage method:

          Component A is a white flowing liquid and component B is a curing agent. For example: take 100 grams of silica gel, add 2% curing agent, A and B two components should be stirred evenly, after stirring evenly, let the slurry put in the vacuum box for defoaming, vacuum treatment, vacuum pumped liquid silica gel, injected into the product you want to copy above or in the mold frame.


          This product is used for brushing or scraping process. It is to fix the product or sole model you want to copy on the planar wooden board with glue, surrounded by wooden boards, so as not to let the mortar leak out, mix the silica gel and curing agent in a ratio of 100:2, then pour it on the sole model, coat it evenly with wooden boards or brushes, etc. After the glue is dried, the mould frame is filled with gypsum water.

          Storage and precautions:

          1. This product is an environmentally friendly liquid silica gel product. It is not easy to burn and will not catch fire. It is stored and transported according to non-dangerous goods. The product will not deteriorate within one year from the date of production. It needs to be inspected for overtime use. It can continue to be used without thickening and deterioration.

          2. Storage: 12 months (sealed, cool and dry)

          3. Such products belong to non-dangerous goods and can be transported according to general chemicals.

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